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Value #2: Keep it sustainable

North American hardwoods chosen for their beauty, strength and sustainability

Sustainability is at the top of the buzz word list these days, but it's a business practice that New England foresters have understood for the last 100 years, having learned the hard way at the turn of the last century. In 1900 the land in our region was 80% cleared. Today it is 80% forest and aggressively managed to stay that way. The industry as a whole is not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative.

At Pompanoosuc Mills we offer our furniture in 7 North American hardwoods -- ash, birch, oak, cherry, maple, bird's eye maple and walnut -- each selected for its beauty, strength and sustainability. We work closely with our hardwood suppliers to make sure that forestry is being done responsibly and sustainably. We will use an exotic species only upon request and only then if we can get it from a plantation-grown source certified to use sustainable practices.