birdseye maple

Bird's eye maple, clearly showing how it got it's name.

bird's eye maple

The New England Audio Center, in bird's eye maple

Bird's Eye Maple

Bird's eye maple doesn't come from special trees. Rather, it comes from the same maple trees that supply regular maple. But maple wood heavily figured with bird's eye grain occurs unpredictably and in only a very small percentage of cases. No one really knows what causes it, and no one can tell which trees will have it until the logs are milled. Needless to say, we can't guarantee just how many of the "bird's eyes" will be present in each board used to make your piece.

Of course, this wood's feature characteristic is the tiny circular swirl for which it's named. It also tends to run high in curl, color variation, and mineral streaks. In many cases it is streaked with darker tones similar to those found in birch. However it comes, we think the effects are truly spectacular.