reclaimed redwood

Recycling a natural resource such as reclaimed redwood makes sense and beauty.

reclaimed redwood

Detail of a Chelsea Lingerie Chest with reclaimed redwood drawers.

Reclaimed Redwood

We are now able to offer some of the smaller Pompanoosuc Mills furniture items in reclaimed redwood. Redwood is known for it's lovely, warm, red tone. While not a hardwood, it can create a beautiful accent, for instance as the top of an occasional table or the drawer fronts in a dresser.

There are two sources of reclaimed redwood. One is the recycling of redwood from the deconstruction of residential properties, decks, and other manmade structures. The other is the discovery that many years ago loggers often left the stumps of redwood trees; they were only harvesting the trees from 10-15 feet above the ground. In the latter case, that was a shame because the bottom of the tree was often heavily figured with curl and other features. Plus, it was wasteful. Now, that wood is being put to good use.