The Strafford Sideboard, shown here in solid birch with our premium Black Sable stain.

tonyTony Paquette works on a Palladian bed.
Each spindle is cut and joined for an exacting fit.

The finishing touches

On the quality of materials we're unwilling to compromise. We only want the best.

Pompanoosuc Mills works only in seven species of North American hardwood. We've selected each for its strength and stability as well as its beauty. Additionally, we make effort to assure that the hardwood is responsibly harvested from sustainable resources.

For our standard top coat we use a specially formulated finishing process that resists staining while producing a soft satin finish that allows the natural beauty of the wood come through.

And when we say resists staining, we mean it. Our finish is so durable it will stand up to all of the following spills without showing any signs of damage to the wood or to the finish.

  • water
  • hot coffee or tea
  • red wine
  • hard alcohol
  • piping hot sauces
  • nail polish remover
  • paint thinner

What’s more, even blemishes from the likes of indelible marker or wax crayons can be removed by gentle rubbing with extra fine (0000) steel wool.