Sher-Wood® by Sherwin-Williams

In keeping with our commitment to use only the finest materials available, we’ve selected Sher-Wood® by Sherwin-Williams for our painted finishes. This coating is available in all the thousands of colors offered by Sherwin-Williams. Painting adds 20% to the cost of the piece.

For color samples visit the Pompanoosuc Mills showroom nearest you or any paint store carrying Sherwin-Williams products.

Issues With Painting

While we believe we’ve selected the most durable finish available for the job at hand, a painted finish will never seem to hold up quite as well as a natural finish. The fact is that without the visual texture of the wood showing through, scuffs, scratches, dings or dent will appear much more obvious.

In the event of serious dents, dings or scratches, repairs can be complicated by painting. For example, where it would be possible to invisibly repair only the damaged area on a naturally finished table top, it might be necessary to refinish the entire table top to achieve like results on a stained piece.

Finally, due to vast possibility of color options and the relatively low demand for painted items, we cannot offer our 30 Day Return Policy with pieces that have been painted.