care instructions

Hand-rubbed Oil Finish

If you count yourself among the purists out there determined to have a hand-rubbed oil finish then we are happy to accommodate. We just want to make sure you understand the tradeoff.

An oil finish will not perform at all like our standard finish. It will leave your furniture susceptible to all the kinds of damage that our standard furniture protects against. Also, cleaning and general maintenance will require much more effort.

For the Chemically Sensitive

While our standard materials are completely safe for use in the home, we know that some rare individuals are extremely sensitive even to trace amounts of chemicals in their environment. If this describes you we offer a couple of options that may be of interest.

First, we offer a finish for the chemically sensitive which entails the application of boiled linseed oil and 100% bees wax. This finish produces a wonderful luster and is completely free of inorganic materials. On the other hand, it provides even less protection than the hand-rubbed oil finish described above. This option adds 25% to the cost of a piece.

Second we offer total construction for the chemically sensitive. This option includes the finishing method described above as well as the use of solid hardwood for all construction including drawer cases, mattress platforms, and case backs — areas where we typically use a hardwood plywood. It also includes the use of special glues and, where applicable, 100% organic cotton. This option adds 50% to the cost of a piece.