Adding Color
While most customers choose to have their furniture finished in its natural color, we do offer staining in a wide variety of colors. Staining adds 15% to the cost of the furniture with a minimum stain charge of $50 per piece.
Issues With Staining
All stains are to some degree translucent. Thus, when you stain a piece of furniture, you’re end result will be a combination of the pigments in both the stain and the wood. And because wood colors always vary, your exact results will be unique to your piece.
Each of the hardwoods in our selection react somewhat differently to staining. Please consult the “woods” section of this site for details on staining a specific wood.
In the event of serious dents, dings or scratches, repairs are complicated by staining. For example, where it would be possible to invisibly repair only the damaged area on a naturally finished table top, it might be necessary to refinish the entire table top to achieve like results on a stained piece.
Finally, due to the difficulty of predicting exact results from staining and the relatively low demand for stained items, we cannot offer our 30 Day Return Policy with pieces that have been stained.
Custom Color Matching
We do offer custom staining to approximate a piece you already own. Custom staining adds 25% to the cost of a piece with a minimum charge of $200.
In order to create a custom stain, you will have to supply us with an initial sample. Using the initial sample, we will produce a master sample for your approval. The final results will be judged against the master sample only. All of the issues discussed above also apply to custom colors.
Using Your Stain
If you insist, we will use your stain though we do discourage it. Perhaps most importantly, we cannot know how your stain will effect the adhesion of our top coat, and the successful adhesion of the top coat is critical to the longevity of your furniture.
Using your stain adds 45% to the cost of the piece and the following conditions apply:
100% deposit
warrantee voided
no particular results guaranteed