Basic Pricing

Marbles and granites are priced by the square foot and come in three price tiers: $125/sq ft, $115 sq/ft, $85/sq ft. When stone is used in place of wood on one of our standard designs, the cost of the replaced wood is deducted from the cost of the marble.

Soapstone is priced at $85/sq ft, and the same formula as above applies when replacing wood with soapstone.

Edge Treatments

We offer a number of edge treatments on our marbles and granites which range in price from $10/ to $30/linear foot. If the marble is used for an overhanging top we highly recommend using one of the edge treatments — at minimum, the simple polished edge which slightly rounds what will otherwise be a very sharp edge.

Soapstone comes standard with a polished edge at no additional cost. No other edge treatments are available.