A Few Facts About Soapstone

Of all the stones we offer, soapstone is by far the softest and most porous. Unoiled it has a medium gray color much like gray slate, and often occurs with white veins and flecks running through it .

Once finished with mineral oil — our standard finish for soapstone — it becomes dark gray to black and the fleck and veins really come out.

Even though it’s soft, we like to recommend soap stone as great surface for our kitchen work table and for occasional tables there are destined for a life of extra-heavy duty service and where a stone surfaces are desired.

Why, you ask? Soapstone can be used and abused, scrubbed, scraped, scratched, even gouged or chipped and still look great. As it starts to show signs of wear and tear it actually takes on a wonderful patina that many customer think looks better than new. We’re not taking sides.

From time to time, soapstone does need re-oiling to keep it’s dark color and higher contrasting tones.