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How to turn your cramped bedroom into a multi-use storage machine

by Mary Meisenzahl | | shop bedroom

April 21st, 2009

Grafton Bedroom

Pieces from the Grafton Bedroom Collection: bed with underbed storage; armoire; night tables; and dresser. Creating the right underbed storage system is essential for maximizing the storage space in your bedroom.

Do you need your bedroom to be more than just a place to sleep? If you're like me it's also a place to read, relax, and exercise. I even have a little space set aside for a home office.

So what to do if the room that needs to do all of this is tiny? Here are a few tried and true design solutions that can turn that small space into a storage machine!

Start with your bed

A box spring and mattress waste vital storage space. Consider getting a bed that has drawers built into the base. A less expensive option would be to go with a platform bed that provides open space below. Either approach will maximize your room for under-bed storage. This is essential. You might also choose a bed that has a headboard with storage built into it.

bedside storage

Night tables can be a great place to store a variety of smaller items. Choose one with multiple drawers or an open space where you can put baskets, or colorful boxes. A 2-drawer file cabinet makes an ideal night table if you're having trouble finding room for file storage. Wall-mounted lighting such as swing arm lamps free up even more space on your table.

benches & blankets chests

At the foot of the bed you can place a blanket chest for enclosed seasonal storage, or a bench with baskets underneath -- great for shoe storage. And what a convenient place to put on your shoes in the morning!

case goods & other storage

Add a vertical dresser or an armoire that will give you the maximum amount of drawers, and will occupy the least amount of space. Go with an armoire if you need more hanging storage than your closets provide. An inventive addition to a custom-built dresser or armoire would be a pull-out work shelf: this gives you an instant desk surface and takes up no extra space when they're not in use.

wall-mounted solutions

Finishing touches such as peg racks and coat trees are great places to hang robes as well as handbags and scarves. Remember, decorative boxes can hold more than just jewelry and they look great on display.

At last your room transformation is complete. Sweet dreams!

about the author:

Mary Meisenzahl began her career with Pompanoosuc Mills in 1996 in Burlington VT and has managed our Tribeca showroom since 1999. Mary grew up in VT and has loved Pompanoosuc Mills furniture since she was a kid and played on the bunkbeds in the original Burlington showroom. Nowadays she lives in the heart of Manhattan and uses her extensive knowledge in interior and custom furniture design to help customers select the perfect furniture for both urban and rural homes.