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Tent Sale FAQ

so, what's up with the line numbers? FAQ for the tent sale.

It's all about making it easier for you:

Back in the old days when this event started to catch on, folks were waiting in line for hours and hours to get into the big discount furniture tents, which opened at 10am. Today, we hand out line numbers beginning at 6AM Saturday morning . These numbers serve to reserve your place in the line that forms around 9:45am on Saturday. Once you have a line number, you can leave, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, etc. Just be sure you come back to take your place in line before the tents open.


Q. I'm an old pro... what's new this year?

A. We're opening at 10 am on Sunday and Monday. That's an hour later than previous years.

We'd also like to welcome our new partners for 2014: InnerAsia/Kawatchen Rugs out of Hanover, Serta, Danforth Pewter and Clear Mountain Crafts. Harpoon Brewery will also be here with Big Fatty's BBQ. The beer tent will be open all three days starting Saturday at 11:00am. Big Fatty's will be selling their delicious BBQ on Sunday & Monday.

Q. Is this event really as crazy as I hear it is?

A. If crazy means fun! Seriously though, we have made every effort to make this an enjoyable event with amazing savings for everyone. Even though there are a few hundred people lined up at 10am for the Big Discount tents, the walk into the tents is orderly and cordial. After the first few minutes things calm down and it's all fun in the sun.

Q. How early should I get to the tent sale to get a good number?

A. All numbers are good numbers. Since there are four lines that form for the Big Discount tents, even a number in the hundreds will put you in a good position to grab a great deal.

Q. No really, how early?

A. All right, all right... If you're asking how to get a number below 100, history tells us that you have to arrive before 6am. If you're looking to get a number below 10, you may want to bring a tent. We have a great field perfect for camping, and good friendships have been made every year between camp neighbors.

Q. Do I need a line number to get into the tent after 10am?

A. Nope. Once everyone with a number has filed into the tent you are free to file in right behind them.

Q. Is this a cash and carry event?

A. It's always a good idea to take what you can the day you purchase it. However, we do offer delivery for an addtional fee. For more information on approximation of delivery charges, visit our delivery page.

We accept cash, Visa, MC, Discover and American Express.