Our Burlington, Vermont Showroom
50 Church Street Marketplace | Burlington VT 05401 | 802.862.8208 | 888.279.8392 | burlington@pompy.com

location closed—reopening soon on dorset st in south burlington.

We are closed at this address but working on a new location on Dorset Street in South Burlington. In the meantime, our Burlington showroom manager, Sam Longe, will be very happy to assist you with anything you might need whether it's placing a new furniture order or checkingo n the status of an order in process. Be sure to check back for details as we hope to find the perfect location very soon.

Please call or contact him here at 802.862.8208 | 888.279.8392 or email burlington@pompy.com

last updated: August 13, 1:01 PM