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Robert Wilhite

Robert Wilhite—Showroom Manager

A natural collaborator, Robert helps Pompy customers take into account the latest trends, technologies, fabrics and accessories to choose furniture that endures. Get to know Robert...

Robert's favorite design tip...

Hi, I'm Robert and I'm here to help!

I got into design because I truly enjoy the collaborative process. I never enter a consultation with any foregone conclusions. I go in with my iPad, my tape measure, my sketch pad and a listening ear. I want to know how my clients want our furniture to make them feel — what mood they want to create.

I drafted floorplans and made interior decorating recommendations in elementary school! I went the corporate route for a while, but I knew I wasn't using the right side of my brain.

I love working at Pompy and helping customers get exactly what they want — heirloom quality furniture that will reflect well on them through the ages. Why would anybody want to repeat the process every five to seven years when you really don't have to?!

Color and lighting inspire me, and are two of the things that really impact the recommendations I make. When I go into a home for a consultation, the first things I look for are the color palette and the amount of natural and artificial light in the space.

I understand that customers don't always have a lot of time and attention. I maximize the limited time I have with my clients to get to the best design decisions as fast as possible.

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Robert's Favorite Design Tip...

If you're uncertain about where your tastes lie, go through magazines like Home & Design, Architectural Digest and Dwell and tear out pictures that resonate with you. Hide design tip

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