Friends & Family of Pompy,

We are gradually reopening our showrooms and workshop according to state regulations. Please check out our showroom reopening schedule here. Rest assured, we continue to take all measures possible to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our team.

We’re Open Again for Business

In addition to the team at the showrooms that have reopened, our core team at the workshop continues to be available to assist you with any customer service inquiries as well as purchases. We're also still offering a large and ever-changing selection of furniture in our In-Stock Store. We have hundreds of heavily discounted in-stock items that are available for immediate purchase.

You can also virtually tour our showrooms to see even more ready-built items available for purchase. Delivery or pick up can be arranged with some restrictions. Please contact us to discuss.

Current Orders

Your order is in queue and is progressing once again now that we have been given the go-ahead to resume operations. We are thrilled to be able to start building your special order for fine handcrafted Vermont furniture.

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these unprecedented times.


For nearly 50 years we’ve been building sustainably sourced, handcrafted Vermont-built furniture. It’s not the least expensive way to build something, but we’ve always believed there’s no better way. For us, it’s a matter of values. Here are our priorities:

  • Our Employees: This is our family. Our business supports more than 100 families directly—many of whom have been building Pompy furniture for decades. When we extend that to our suppliers and partners, it’s thousands. Like any family, our top priority is to support our people as best we can. Like many small and medium businesses, our ability to maintain operations, meet payroll, and ultimately help put food on everyone’s tables depends on our customers buying our products. It’s for this reason we’ve moved quickly to virtualize our showrooms, bring showroom inventory onto our website, and enhance our web experience with realtime chat and support.
  • Our Community: We live and build some of the world’s best furniture in a small town on the Vermont/New Hampshire border. We’re blessed to be surrounded by people, families, and businesses who are always willing to lend a helping hand. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen our friends and neighbors donate their time and energy to help one another. Local general stores have begun offering free delivery of food and supplies to our most vulnerable population, local restaurants have joined in. We’re also blessed to be in the shadows of one of the world’s premier higher-education institutions and a world-class hospital at Dartmouth. The response from our educators and medical community is extraordinary.
  • Our Customers: Our customers have ALWAYS been the lifeblood of our business. Quite literally, our customers are the reason we exist. Without your support for our products, your belief in our values and your appreciation for quality, American-made furniture, we wouldn’t be in business today.
  • We’re so proud to be part of this community—to be Vermonters, New Englanders, Americans. It’s heartening to see that in times like these, fraught with political and philosophical differences, we set aside those differences and come together (even when that means staying apart) when it matters most.

Please stay safe during these challenging times,