Fine American furniture. Handcrafted in vermont.

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From our inception in 1973, Pompanoosuc Mills has been a green manufacturer—well before “green” became a buzzword. We generate a significant amount of the energy needed to run our company from our own waste, and all the wood we use to build our furniture is responsibly harvested from the forests of North America.

Our build-to-order method allows us to use our solid North American hardwoods with exceptional efficiency, and any waste that’s generated is used to fire our clean-burning co-generation plant. The energy produced is used year-round to blow warm air for our finishing system. In the summer, it provides us with about 10% of our electricity. In the winter, it provides 100% of our heat.

We follow simple principles that are good for our company and the people who work here, good for the environment and good for business. We continue to strive to make our company the best it can be.