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35h x 26w x 32d

36h x 61w x 32d

37h x 76w x 32d

18h x 23w x 23d

Armchair w/arms
35h x 36w x 32d

Loveseat w/arms
36h x 71w x 32d

Couch w/arms
37h x 86w x 32d

Sectional Corner
34h x 32w x 32d

Chaise Lounge
35h x 26w x 60d

Chair-Corner-Chair Modular Sectional
36h x 60w x 60d

Chair-Corner-Loveseat Modular Sectional
36h x 60w x 96d

Loveseat-Corner-Loveseat Modular Sectional
36h x 96w x 96d

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